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  • Avalanche

    A versatile minnow for both fresh and salt fishing

  • Bijou

    A bite-sized crankbait for estuaries and freshwater

  • Bobby

    A long diving minnow that will explore the depths

  • Bullet

    A super easy casting topwater lure that gives and gives

  • Dynamite

    A versatile popper that delivers the right results

  • Fat Boy

    A traditional plug-style lure that bream will smash again and again

  • Firefly

    A humpbacked sinking lure that has enhanced action

  • Hydra

    A large, diving crankbait for working deep

  • Jerkin' Shad

    A shallow running jerkbait with appeal

  • Magnus

    A deep diving floating minnow fit for the snags of Australia

  • Martyr

    A small sinking minnow for light line gamefish

  • Panic

    A perfect minnow imitation

  • Fish Art

    A range of custom lures that hit their mark

  • Savvy

    A small sinking minnow ideal for finesse fishing

  • Sphinx

    A wobbling rolling actioned crankbait ideal for estuary fishing

  • Supa Shrimp

    A TPE, pre-rigged shrimp pattern

  • Torpedo

    A weighted tail spinner ideal for searching large areas

  • Wriggling

    A sinking pencil bait that will appeal to bream anglers

  • Zako

    A larger, casting minnow ready for action

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