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Mason brings to the Australian market a range of wires and crimps that the most studious of anglers looks for in tackle stores.

There are five styles of wire in the range that cover everything from small water fishing through to chasing the biggest and meanest fish the ocean can deliver.

The five styles include:

Mason Multistrand Wire, which is a 1 x 7 stranded stainless steel flexible and kink resistant heat treated wire available from 20lb through to 210lb.

Mason Nylonstrand Wire is avavailable in black and clear and is a coated 1 x 7 strand wire that can be crimped or heat welded.

Mason 49 Strand Wire is a 7 x 7 strand wire made from stainless steel that is flexible and kink resistant.

Mason Downunder Wire is a soft annealed stainless steel trolling wire that is silver in colour.

Mason Single Strand Leader Wire is a pre-straightened chrome nickel alloy wire that combines specialised metals for the best results.This wire is available in 30 foot coils and 1/4lb coils.

Mason's Heavy Duty Crimp Sleeves are made from special black oxidised, annealed brass to give you the best crimp connection available.

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