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    A range of hooks designed to help keep your baits perfectly presented.


    A range of branded gear from Wilson Fishing and their main suppliers to help you make the most of your time on the water.

Pumping worms and yabbies is a great way to get the freshest of fresh bait for your day's fishing.

Having the right tool to get the job done is an important step to success and one that needs careful consideration.

The Wilson range of Bait Pumps gives users standard and deluxe options as well as two height options. These options allow you to choose the pump that is right for your needs.

Stainless steel and brass construction mean that these pumps will go the distance, giving you years of faithfull service.


Code Description
350PSSK King Size Bait Pump 30" Stainless Steel
350PSSKE King Size Bait Pump 30" Stainless Steel with EVA Handle
350PSSS Standard Bait Pump 24" Stainless Steel
350PSSSE Standard Bait Pump 24" Stainless Steel with EVA Handle
350PSSBW Big Willy Bait Pump 39" Stainless Steel with EVA Handle

Parts and accessories

Code Description
350PWP Bait Pump Washer
350PPRS Standard Plunger Rod
350PPRk King Plunger Rod
350PBC Body Cap
350PBCB Body Cap Bush (Gland Nut)
350PBH Body Handle Side
350PBHHN Body Handle Hexagon Nut (Large ID)
350PPH Plunger Handle Top
350PHHN Plunger Handle Hexagon Nut (Small ID)
350PRSN Plunger Rod Spacer Nut
350PRB Plunger Rod Buffer Hose
350PRWN Plunger Rod Wing Nut
350PW2 2" Plunger Washer Sponge
350PWD Wilson Deluxe Bait Pump Washer
350PRK1 Repair Kit (2" washer, 2 brass washer plates, wingnut)
WBS40 Wilson Bait Sieve 40cm

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