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The range of SureCatch tools includes a large variety of tools that are designed to do just about every job in fishing.

From line trimmers to braid scissors, from standard pliers to game fishing pliers, this range has it all.

The best part is that these tools are all made to be price competitive and reliable,

Code Description
309SCA07 SureCatch 50lb Scales
309SCP22 SureCatch Line Trimmers
309SCP23 SureCatch Line Clipper 5-in-1 S/S
309SCP24 SureCatch Fish Spike
309SCP33 Pliers 4.5" Bent Nose
309SCP42 Pliers Snip and Loop Cutter
309SCP43 SureCatch Hook Remover
309SCPH01 6" Multi purpose Split Ring
309SCPH02 6" Straight with Wire Cutter
309SCPH03 6" Bent Nose Multi Function
309SCPH04 Pliers 8" Straight Nose
309SCPH05 8" Bent Nose Multi Function
309SCPH10 Stainless Steel Big Game Multi Purpose
309SCPH11 BigGame Bent Nose Stainless Steel
309SCPH15 Big Game Crimp
309SCPH16 10" Deluxe Crimping Chrome
309SCPH17 8" Crimping Plier Standard
309SCPH19 8" High Carbon Bent Nose
333SRTS Wilson Stainless Steel Split Ring Pliers Small
309FS SureCatch Fish Scaler

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