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Wilson FIshing brings to the market a range of handcasters to suit many fishing styles.

Pre-rigged for trolling and baitfishing, unrigged and windable hand casters are all options available in the range.

From light line fishing through to real tug of war gear, the range of Wilson hand casters is comnprehensive.

Plain Handcaster

Code Description
308HC4 Handcaster 4"
308HC6 Handcaster 6"
308HC8 Handcaster 8"
308HC10 Handcaster 10"
308HC10W Handcaster 10" with Handle
308HCMR 10" Mackeral Rig With Spoon
308HCMRH 10" Mackeral Rig Heavy With Spoon

Rigged Handcaster

Code Description
308C4R1006 Caster 4" x 6lb x 100m
308C4R1009 Caster 4" x 9lb x 100m
308C4R1012 Caster 4" x 12lb x 100m
308C4R1015 Caster 4" x 15lb x 100m
308C6R1009 Caster 6" x 9lb x 100m
308C6R1012 Caster 6" x 12lb x 100m
308C6R1015 Caster 6" x 15lb x 100m
308C6R1020 Caster 6" x 20lb x 100m
308C6R1030 Caster 6" x 30lb x 100m
308C8R1015 Caster 8" x 15lb x 100m
308C8R1020 Caster 8" x 20lb x 100m
308C8R1030 Caster 8" x 30lb x 100m
308C8R1040 Caster 8" x 40lb x 100m
308C10R240 Caster 10" x 40lb x 200m
308C10R250 Caster 10" x 50lb x 200m
308C10R260 Caster 10" x 60lb x 200m
308C10R280 Caster 10" x 80lb x 200m
308C10R2100 Caster 10" x 100lb x 200m

New Rigged Hand Casters

Code Description
578100m30010RC Caster 10" 300lb 100m rigged bean sinker
578100M25010RC Caster 10" 250lb 100m rigged bean sinker
578100M20010RC Caster 10" 200lb 100m rigged bean sinker
578100M15010RC Caster10" 150lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M12510RC Caster10" 125lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M10010RC Caster 10" 100lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M1508RC Caster 8" 150lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M1258RC Caster 8" 125lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M1008RC Caster 8" 100lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M808RC Caster 8" 80lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M608RC Caster 8" 60lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M306RC Caster 6" 30lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M406RC Caster 6" 40lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M506RC Caster 6" 50lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
578100M606RC Caster 6" 60lb 100m rigged Bean Sinker
57850M204RC Caster 4" 20lb 50m rigged Bean Sinker

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