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The Avalanche is a must have lure for all angler's tackle boxes.

The Avalanche is a versatile minnow that can be worked ina number of different ways to tempt a number of different species.

When worked with a constant retrieve, the lure creates a wobbling action that is ideal for species such as trout, redfin, shallow water flathead, Austrlaian salmon and tailor. When worked with a darting action, the Avalanche comes alive, twitching and darting all over the place looking just like an injured baitfish.

Constructed from ABS plastic, the Avalanche is a 65mm floating lure that weighs 4g and swims just under the srface to create spectacular strikes.

Code Description Weight Length Colours
3FALC65F_ Fish Art Avalanche Floating 4g 65mm 10


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