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Aerators are an important part of fishing with live baits.

Oxygen is needed in good supply to keep your baits in peak condition and the only way to do this is with an aerator.

Sure Catch bring two aerators to the table, a light workload unit and a heavy duty workload unit.

Code Description
SCWPUMP 1 x D Size Battery Light Model
SCPUMP 2 x D Size Batteries Heavy Duty Model

When it comes to transporting bait, whether that's live or dead, it's always a messy solution.

But not anymore with the range of bait buckets from Wilson Fishing.

The Live Bait Bucket is a soft shelled bucket that can be filled with water and have an aerator attached to keep your live baits in tip top condition. Suitable for smaller live baits like shrimp, yabbies, small fish and cherabin, these units are easy to store and even easier to use.

For those who want their bait handy, such as when fishing the surf, there is a range of Sure Catch Bait Buckets available that are made from high impact plastics and simple to use.

With the ability to be threaded onto a belt, there are three sizes avaiable to meet every angler's needs.

Sure Catch Bait Bucket

Code Description
309BHS Sure Catch Bait Holder Small
309BHM Sure Catch Bait Holder Nedium
309BHL Sure Catch Bait Holder Large with Rod Rest

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