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The Wilson Marine and Leisure Liquid Lanolin protects marine hardware, cabling, outboard engines and fishing gear from the harmful effects of corrosion.

Lanolin is an environmentally friendly, non-conductive, salt and acid resistant product that protects, rejuvenates and lubricates many different materials.

The lanolin lubricates and protects moving parts on tools, reels, zippers and chains, while being robust enough to resist high pressure cleaning. And best of all, this is non-petroleum based product so rubbers and vinyls will not deteriorate because of this product's use.

Lanolin can also be used to penetrate and free up rusted equipment, effectively working as an anti-seize agent in the field.

Application is via a directional nozzle that allows the lanolin to be placed exactly where it is needed, including tight and hard to reach places ordinary spray nozzles cannot reach.

The Wilson Marine and Leisure Liquid Lanolin cleans, lubricates, rejuvenates and extends the life of metals, vinyls, plastic, leather, fibreglass and powder coated surfaces.

The SureCatch Super Gear Oil comes in a 30ml dispenser and is purpose designed to provide a light oil for things such as bearings in your reels.

The Teflon Reel Lube is a fantastic product for using internally on reels where gear teeth meet and the ultimate in lubication is needed. A small smear of the Teflon Lube will give your reels a smoothness like they have never had.

Code Description
GPML-0060 Wilson Marine and Leisure Liquid Lanolin 60g Aerosol
309SCO SureCatch Super Gear Oil 30ml
RLUBE Teflon Reel Lube

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