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The range of beads and tubes offered by Wilson and Sure Catch gives you rigging options whatever your style fo fishing may be.

From lumo beads and tube, through to whiting beads and tube, the options allow for knot protection, visual attraction and deep water highlights.

Available in a number of sizes and styles including round and oval beads, hard and soft beads as well as tubes of various colours and diametres, there will be no rig that can't be enhanced.


Code Description
309WLB Wilson Whiting Red Plastic and Beads (24 Packs)
309FPB Wilson Whiting Fluoro Plastic and Beads (12 Packs)

Sure Catch

Code Description
309PKWB Sure Catch Whiting Beads and Tube Pack.200 4mm Beads, 3 x 1m Tubes Assorted Colours.
309PKLB Sure Catch Lumo Beads and Tube Pack.50 4mm Beads, 50 4.5mm Beads, 40 5mm Beads, 30 6mm Beads, 20 7mm Beads, 15 8mm Beads, 3m Lumo Tube.
309LSB03 3mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB04 4mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB45 4.5mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB05 5mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB06 6mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB07 7mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB08 8mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LSB10 10mm Soft Oval Lumo Beads
309LB06 6mm Bulk Lumo Beads (100 pce)
309LB08 8mm Bulk Lumo Beads (50 pce)
309LB10 10mm Bulk Lumo Beads (40 pce)
309LB12 12mm Bulk Lumo Beads (30 pce)
309LT15 2.5m x 1.5mm Lumo Tube
309LT20 2m x 2mm Lumo Tube
309LT30 1.5m x 3mm Lumo Tube
309LT40 1m x 4mm Lumo Tube

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