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The range of berley and oil allows anglers to attract fish to their fishing area.

The berley is a specially formulated mixture of fish attracting flavours designed to get the fish's attention without feeding them.

Available in a number of sizes, the Wilson Berley pellets are a stand alone berley or they can form the base of a more complex berley of your own making.

The Wilson oils are available in a number of sizes from 250ml through to 4L. This oil is a fish-based oil that can be used as the base for a berley mixture or as an attractant that you can soak or dip your baits and lures into.

The Wilson Aniseed Oil is a well known fish attractant that increases the number of fish that hit your baits. Mixed in with a berley mix or used on baits and lures, the Aniseed Oil is a highly regarded berley addition.

Wilson Berley

Code Description 
259PB1 Berley Pellets 650g
259PB2 Berley Pellets 1.25kg

Wilson Tuna Oil

Code Description
259TO250 Tuna Oil 250ml Bottle
259TO500 Tuna Oil 500ml Bottle
259TO1L Tuna Oil 1 Litre Bottle
259TO5L Tuna Oil 5 Litre Bottle

Wilson Aniseed Oil

Code Description
AOIL Aniseed Oil 25ml bottle


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