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Wilson has a diverse and large range of berley and oil to allow anglers to attract fish to their fishing area.

The berley is a specially formulated mixture of fish attracting flavours designed to get the fish's attention without feeding them.

Available in a number of pack sizes, pellet sizes and flavours, the Wilson Berley products are a stand alone berley or they can form the base of a more complex berley of your own making.

The Wilson oils are available in a number of sizes from 250ml through to 5L. There are a number of different oils to allow anglers to choose thier oil base to suit the species they are chasing. These oils can be used as the base for a berley mixture or as an attractant that you can soak or dip your baits and lures into.

The Wilson scents and attractants will increases the number of fish that hit your baits or lures. Mixed in with a berley mix or used on baits and lures, these are highly regarded berley additions. More lately, tournament anglers have been using these sprays to coat their lures to add that little bit of extra zing to every cast.

Wilson Berley

Code Description
259PB1 Berley Pellets 650g
259PB2 Berley Pellets 1.25kg
WABBP1B Wilson 1kg Aniseed Berley Pellets
WABBP2B Wilson 2kg Aniseed Berley Pellets
WABBP3B Wilson 3kg Aniseed Berley Pellets
WABBP4B Wilson 4kg Aniseed Berley Pellets
WAPM Wilson 1kg Aniseed Premixed Berley
WBBP3B Wilson 3kg Standard Berley Pellet Bag
WMPPB1B Wilson 1kg Bag Pilchard Berley Pellets
WMPPB2B Wilson 2kg Bag Pilchard Berley Pellets
WMPPB3B Wilson 3kg Bag Pilchard Berley Pellets
WMPPB4.5 Wilson 4.5kg Bucket Pilchard Berley Pellets
WMPM1 Wilson 1kg Pilchard PRemixed Berley
WPBBP1B Wilson1kg Premium Tuna Berley Nuts
WPBBP2B Wilson2kg Premium Tuna Berley Nuts
WPBBP3B Wilson3kg Premium Tuna Berley Nuts
WPBBP5B Wilson5kg Premium Tuna Berley Nuts
WPM1 Wilson 1kg Premixed Berley Bag
WPP1 Wilson 1kg Plain Pollard
WPRBBP1B Wilson 1kg Whiting Prawn Berley Pellets
WPRBBP2B Wilson 2kg Whiting Prawn Berley Pellets
WPRBBP3B Wilson 3kg Whiting Prawn Berley Pellets
WPRBBP4B Wilson 4kg Whiting Prawn Berley Pellets
WPRBNP1B Wilson 1kg Whiting Prawn Berley Nuts
WPRBNP2B Wilson 2kg Whiting Prawn Berley Nuts
WPRBNP3B Wilson 3kg Whiting Prawn Berley Nuts
WPRBNP4B Wilson 4kg Whiting Prawn Berley Nuts
WSMBN4B Wilson 4kg Snapper Magnet Berley Nuts
WWBN2B Wilson 2kg Whiting Berley Bucket Nuts

Wilson Oils

Code Description
259TO250 Tuna Oil 250ml Bottle
259TO500 Tuna Oil 500ml Bottle
259TO1L Tuna Oil 1 Litre Bottle
259TO5L Tuna Oil 5 Litre Bottle
WFOB250 Wilson 250ml Fish Oil Blend
WFOB500 Wilson 500ml Fish Oil Blend
WFOB1 Wilson 1 Litre Fish Oil Blend
WMSO250 Wilson 250ml Pilchard Streak Oil
WMSO500 Wilson 500ml Pilchard Streak Oil
WMSO1 Wilson 1 Litre Pilchard Streak Oil
WMSO5 Wilson 5 Litre Pilchard Streak Oil
WPTO250 Wilson 250ml Genuine Tuna Oil
WPTO500 Wilson 500ml Genuine Tuna Oil
WPTO1 Wilson 1L Genuine Tuna Oil
WPTO2 Wilson 2L Genuine Tuna Oil

Wilson Scents/Additives

Code Description
AOIL Aniseed Oil 25ml bottle
WAL25 Aniseed Liquid 25ml
WASS100 Aniseed Scent Spray 100ml
WGSS100 Garlic Scent Spray 100ml
WPSS100 Prawn Scent Spray 100ml

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