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The Fish Art Bullet comes in two sizes: 90mm and a 115mm long topwater baits that are designed to cast like a bullets.

Weighing an easy casting 11.5g for the 90mm and 22.5g for the 115mm, the Bullet is aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance , whcih allows for a stable posture in the air, leading to greater distance on every cast.

Add to this an internal compartment that is filled with stainless steel ball bearings that aid in casting and create a loud and annoying commotion as the lure glides through its zig-zag action, and the Bullet is starting to look like a winner from the start.

Code Description Weight Length Colours
3FBL115F_ Fish Art Bullet Topwater 22.5g 115mm 10
3FBL90F_ Fish Art Bullet Topwater 11.5g 90mm 10


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