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The Aussie Series of rods by Wilson Fishing take the most popular designs and bring them to the market at an affordable price.

Epoxy resin fibreglass blanks are used throughout to ensure extreme durability in these classic Australian estuary and surf builds.

There a 2- and 3-piece rods in the range to allow for easy transport and storage and best of all, this series is designed to give exceptional value for money.

Code Description Length B/S Pieces
RW106L2 Wilson Bream Side Cast 10'6" 4-6kg 2
RW106M2 Wilson Bream Spin 10'6" 4-6kg 2
RW136M3 Wilson Heavy Surf Spin 13'6" 8-14kg 3
RW862 Wilson Estuary Spin 8'6" 3-5kg 2
RWBF102 Wilson Balckfish Spin 10' 3-5kg 2
RWBF1062 Wilson Blackfish Spin 10'6" 3-5kg 2
RWMT4144L2 Wilson 4 Wrap Side Cast 12' 5-7kg 2
RWMT4144M2 Wilson 4 Wrap Spin 12' 5-7kg 2
RWMT6144M2 Wilson 6 Wrap Spin 12' 5-8kg 2
RWMT7144M2 Wilson 7 Wrap Spin 12' 6-9kg 2
RWMY8144M2 Wilson 8 Wrap Spin 12' 8-12kg 2
RWSA31/3 Wilson Coorong Surf Spin 15' 8-15kg 3
RWSCL2 Wilson Sea Coaster Side Cast 13'6" 6-10kg 2
RWSCLM2 Wilson Sea Coaster Spin 13'6" 6-10kg 2
RWSCLM3 Wilson Sea Coaster Spin 13'6" 6-12kg 3


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