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Wilson Ezy-Cast nets have been designed specifically to cater for Australian anglers' needs.

Quality, rather than the usual race to the bottom in price, is at the heart of these designs, bringing a quality rarely seen in commercially made cast nets.

The addition of a specialised prawning net with a chain bottom to the range immediately indicates how much thought and effort has gone into ensuring the Ezy-Cast nets are right for the job.

Included in the range are two styles of top pocket prawning nets, bait gathering drawstring nets, as well as mono and nylon standard cast nets.


    A dedicated prawning net that spreads easier and descends quickly


    A traditional lead weighted Top Pocket net


    When you want a baitfish exclusive net, the drawstring is the perfect net

  • MONO

    A net for general cast netting situations


    When you need a net to a lot of different jobs, this is the net for you

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