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The Toughia Papuan Bass Swim Jerk is a slow sinking, bibless swimming jerkbait.

Constructed from reinforced ABS plastic and internally fitted with a a magnetic weight transfer system, the Papuan Bass Swim Jerk is 80mm long and initially available in 6 colours.

Internally the ball bearing chamber holds two ball bearing that act as a weight transfer system for exceptional casting performance and they also create a subtle knocking noise when the lure is being worked.

With its strategically balanced structure, the Papuan Bass Swim jerk is able to achieve extraordinary casting distance and accuracy and is easy to work for all anglers. Worked with a simple straight retrieve, the lure exhibits a side-to-side wobble that entices even shy fish to attack. Use a twitching, jerking style retrieve and the lure has a very erratic action that sees the lure darting from side to side just like injured baitfish trying to escape.

A slow sinking lure, anglers are able to fish this lure in shallow waters by starting the retrieve as soon as the lure lands or fish deeper by allowing the lure to sink before commencing the retrieve.

Code Description Length  Weight Colours SRP
PBSJ80SS Toughia Papuan Bass Swim Jerk 80mm 14g 6 $15.99

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