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    When the going gets tough, send in the Knights.


By Goshie

When I go on any serious spinfishing adventure, the one thing I never leave home without is my tray of metal lures. Everyone knows that metal lures are excellent for imitating common baitfish such as slimy mackerel, yellowtail scads, mullet, garfish and herring. These baitfish are a highly sought after food source for most predatory fish. As a result, chrome lures have become an integral part of any good tackle box.

Over the years I've used a variety of metals ranging from slugs, spoons, profiles and lead head jigs. However, one metal lure that has stood out as a consistent performer when targeting large pelagics from the rocks is the 85gm SureCatch Knight. Now let me explain why! SureCatch Knights are a "profile" lure, which means that they designed with an inbuilt action. This means the lure is extremely versatile and can be retrieved at various speeds for many different species.


I've had great success ripping SureCatch Knights through the water at breakneck speeds for XOS Spaniards. At famous LBG locations like Steep Pt and Quobba the 85gm Knight has captured plenty of quality fish. When spinning for big bar-ees we usually cast as far as possible and let the Knights sink to the bottom. Once we feel the lure hit the bottom we crank back to the surface as fast as possible using a high speed threadline reel with a 6:1 ratio. Spanish mackerel are one of the most efficient predators in the ocean and love hunting down a fast-moving target. These fish feed thought the entire water column so it's important to stay alert and expect a bone-jarring strike at any moment.


I also love sight casting SureCatch Knights at pods of hungry longtail tuna. Nothing beats watching a big bolting bluefin annihilate one of these lures with a classic top water strike. These tuna often feed close to the surface so it's best to work on the top half of the water column. I usually use a medium paced retrieve and keep my lure skipping across the water like a fleeing baitfish.

Sight-casting longtails from an elevated platform is another exciting way of catching these surface cruising gamefish. Longtails can easily be seen with a good pair of polarised glasses, and they look like black missiles charging through the water. When longtails are feeding close to shore you will often see large schools of garfish getting chased around the rocks. When you see this feeding frenzy erupt, cast your lure right in amongst the chaos. Some of the best platforms for spinning up longtails include the Catwalk at 1770 and the Iluka Breakwall in northern NSW.


Cobia are not the fastest fish in the ocean so the traditional high-speed retrieve used for species such as mackerel and tuna is not the best technique for these fish. For targeting cobes it is best to work your SureCatch Knight with a slow to medium paced retrieve. Also try jigging the lure and allow the metal lure to sink numerous times during each retrieve. In most instances these predatory fish will strike the Knights as they are fluttering down the water column. This technique works exceptionally well at cobia hotspots such as Garth's Rock at Cape Cuvier in WA


Being a land-based fisherman, casting distance is also very important to me. SureCatch Knights are rear weighted and cut through the air with tremendous ease. This allows me to reach the strike zone even in moderate to strong crosswinds. To get the most distance out of these lures I prefer using a 9-11ft rod which is specifically designed for shore based casting.


The next thing I look for in a lure is durability. Knights are made from chrome-plated brass and there is no problem with bouncing these lures over the rocks on numerous occasions. I have also found that the large holographic sticker stays on extremely well. With some of the inferior metals on the market the entire sticker can be prone to peeling off after handful of casts.


These popular metals come in seven different sizes ranging from 10-200g and also come in ten fantastic colours. I use the larger 125 and 85gram lures for hunting down big pelagics such as Spanish mackerel, longtail tuna, cobia, trevally and a host of other species. The 65 and 40gram lures are excellent for smaller pelagics such as mack tuna, bonito, rat kings, frigate mackerel and Australian salmon.


All Knights are fitted with quality Mustad hooks and heavy duty spit rings. However, when I'm chasing top line predators, I normally retrofit my 85gm Knights with a larger 4/0 Mustad triple strength treble and an additional split ring on the hook. I have found that the increased gape with larger trebles and the additional movement created by the extra split ring often results in less pulled hooks, but this is only a personal preference.


In this day and age where some handmade stick baits can fetch a hefty price tag well over the hundred-dollar mark, the great thing about metal lures is that they are comparatively cheaper than many other styles of lures on the market. When I look back at some of the fish I've caught with these simple yet effective lures since I started using them over a decade ago, I've got to say SureCatch Knights certainly provide excellent value for money.

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