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Ever wondered what is the ultimate search bait?

Introducing the Bone Dash 90S, a dual function sinking pencil and vibe! It is the first lure produced by Bone Lim.

The Bone Dash 90 is a sinking pencil bait that flutters on the fall and slides on the retrieve giving the angler options like never before.

By attaching the line to the front eyelet, the Dash 90S will work like a sinking pencil bait, fluttering on the fall with a side to side glide on a straight retrieve. Smart anglers can give the Dash 90S a realistic sliding, darting action with clever rod work.

Attaching your lure on the top eyelet will enable the vibe mode, giving the Dash 90S a tight wobble on a straight retrieve. This tie off position also creates less resistance through the water on the retrieve and still maintains the fluttering sink.

Bone recommends anglers fish these incredible lures with the Bone Voyage series rods such as the BVC774H, BVC684XH, BVC704XH or the BVS704XH.

Small in profile, but big on action and options, the Dash 90S is a dual function lure that will appeal to predators in any water.

Code Description Weight Length
368DASH90SBA Bone Dash 90S Black Aurora 33g 90mm
368DASH90SBT Bone Dash 90S Baby Toman 33g 90mm
368DASH90SCT Bone Dash 90S Crazy Temme 33g 90mm
368DASH90SEE Bone Dash 90S Earth Eater 33g 90mm
368DASH90SGM Bone Dash 90S Grey Mullet 33g 90mm
368DASH90SGS Bone Dash 90S Gold Sebie 33g 90mm
368DASH90SIT Bone Dash 90S Indo Tiger 33g 90mm
368DASH90SMG Bone Dash 90S Moon Gill 33g 90mm
368DASH90SPF Bone Dash 90S Pink Frost 33g 90mm
368DASH90SSA Bone Dash 90S Silver Aurora 33g 90mm


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