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Mustad has released a range of quality knives to perform a variety of tasks for anglers.

All knives are Teflon or Titanium coated to ensure durability and reliabity and the range includes fillet knives, bait knives and gift knives.

Super sharp, easy to maintain an edge and quality that is Mustad, the Mustad knives will become a staple for many years to come.

Code Description
MT02 Mustad 7" Fillet Knife Teflon Coated
MT04 Mustad 8" Serated Fillet Knife Teflon Coated
MT05 Mustad 9" Boning Fillet Knife Teflon Coated
MT20 Mustad 24 piece 4" Bait Knives Bucket
MT22 Mustad 24 piece 6" Bait Knives Bucket
MT27 Mustad 6 in 1 Knife Set
MT34 Mustad Professional Fillet Kit
MT35 Mustad 6" Fillet Knife Titanium Coated
MT36 Mustad 7" Fillet Knife Titanium Coated
MT41 Mustad 10" Fillet/Boning Knife Teflon Coated
MT42 Mustad 12" Fillet/Boning Knife Teflon Coated


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