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Darter jig heads are not just another jig head, they are designed to glide on the fall and dart on the retrieve to allow the angler to present their plastics in a very natural way.

Darter Jig Heads add action to curl-tail grubs and paddle-tails, and they make stickbait-style plastics come alive. Worked with a rip and drop action or a slow roll, the Mustad Darter Jig Head is as effective in the ocean and estuaries as it is in the freshwater lakes and rivers.

A comprehensive range of sizes with weights from 1.8g (1/16oz) through to 42g (1.5oz) available and using a Mustad heavy duty hook from size 2 to 7/0 with almost 50 different jig heads overall, there is sure to be a Mustad Darter Jig Head to suit your fishing needs.

Code Description Weight Units
MJH23 Mustad Darter Size 2 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH25 Mustad Darter Size​ 2 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH118 Mustad Darter Size 1 1.8g (1/16oz) 5
MJH13 Mustad Darter Size 1 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH15 Mustad Darter Size 1 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH103 Mustad Darter Size 1/0 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH105 Mustad Darter Size 1/0 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH107 Mustad Dater Size 1/0 7g (1/4oz) 5
MJH203 Mustad Darter Size 2/0 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH205 Mustad Darter Size 2/0 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH207 Mustad Darter Size 2/0 7g (1/4oz) 5
MJH2010 Mustad Darter Size 2/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH2014 Mustad Darter Size 2/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH303 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH305 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH307 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 7g (1/4oz) 5
MJH3010 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH3014 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH3017 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
MJH3021 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
MJH3028 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 28g (1oz) 3
MJH3042 Mustad Darter Size 3/0 42g (1 1/2oz) 2
MJH403 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 3.5g (1/8oz) 5
MJH405 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 5g (1/6oz) 5
MJH407 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 7g (1/4oz) 5
MJH4010 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH4014 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH4017 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
MJH4021 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
MJH4028 Mustad Darter Size 4/0 28g (1oz) 3
MJH5010 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH5014 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH5017 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
MJH5021 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
MJH5028 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 28g (1oz) 3
MJH5042 Mustad Darter Size 5/0 42g (1 1/2oz) 2
MJH6010 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH6014 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH6017 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
MJH6021 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
MJH6028 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 28g (1oz) 3
MJH6042 Mustad Darter Size 6/0 42g (1 1/2oz) 2
MJH7010 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
MJH7014 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
MJH7017 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
MJH7021 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
MJH7028 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 28g (1oz) 3
MJH7042 Mustad Darter Size 7/0 42g (1 1/2oz) 2


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