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Designed by the team at Wilson Fishing, the Magnum range of rods is set to take the market to levels previously unseen in value for money.

With 23 rods in the range that cover high country trout rods through to dedicated surf rods, the Magnum series of rods has been designed to take on Australia's toughest fish.

Using a full Fuji fit out of components, the Magnum series aims to deliver quality without the price tag and no stone has been left unturned to meet these goals.

The lightweight carbon blanks are distinctly finished to give as much eye appeal as they do performance excellence and the ergonomically designed grips have been developed to make casting and retrieving as comfortable and functional as possible.

Code Description Rating Pieces
RMAG541BCL Wilson Magnum 5'4" Baitcaster 14-40lb 1
RMAG541BCM Wilson Magnum 5'4"Baitcaster 8-20lb 1
RMAG541SL Wilson Magnum 5'4" Spin 4-10lb 1
RMAG562SXL Wilson Magnum 5'6" Spin 2-6lb 2
RMAG591BCH Wilson Magnum 5'9" Baitcaster 14-30lb 1
RMAG592BCH Wilson Magnum 5'9" Baitcaster 14-30lb 2
RMAG6102SL Wilson Magnum 6'10" Spin 6-12lb 2
RMAG6102SM Wilson Magnum 6'10" Spin 8-17lb 2
RMAG631BCH Wilson Magnum 6'3" Baitcaster 8-30lb 1
RMAG631SH Wilson Magnum 6'3" Spin 6-25lb 1
RMAG651BCM Wilson Magnum 6'5" Baitcaster 6-25lb 1
RMAG651SM Wilson Magnum 6'5" Spin 6-25lb 1
RMAG652SM Wilson Magnum 6'5" Spin 6-25lb 2
RMAG701SH Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 8-20lb 1
RMAG701SL Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 3-8lb 1
RMAG701SM Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 5-14lb 1
RMAG701SXH Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 10-25lb 1
RMAG701SXL Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 2-6lb 1
RMAG701SXOS Wilson Magnum 7' Spin 15-40lb 1
RMAG761SXL Wilson Magnum 7'6" Spin 2-6lb 1
RMAG902SH Wilson Magnum 9' Spin 12-20lb 2
RMAG902SM Wilson Magnum 9' Spin 8-15lb 2
RMAG1202SH Wilson Magnum 12' Spin 12-20lb 2

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