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The ATC Combat series of baitcasters is designed to take on hard fighting predators.

Featuring a corrosion resistant aluminium frame and side plate, the Combat series has a multi-disc drag system, aluminium spools and excellent casting performance.

There are two sizes currently available, the Combat Plus 200 and Combat 100, both available in left or right hand retrieve.

The Combat Plus 200 uses a lightweight aluminium spool and a magnetic braking system to ensure consistency in distance and performance with every cast. The 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing system further enhances the reel's all round smoothness and performance.

The handle, with both left hand and right hand retrieve options, is designed to be ergonomic and is padded for the ultimate in comfort and feel and the reel comes with a spare jigging handle with a power knob for light offshore jigging applications.

Added to the Combat Plus 200 is a spare, shallow and ported, long cast spool. This spool is designed to keep weight down and reduce start up inertia on the cast, thus reducing backlashes and providing easier casting for the dedicated lure caster.

A full crank of the handle allows anglers to recover 76cm of line quickly when needed or slow it all down when necessary, meaning this reel can be used for a number of applications.

The Combat 100 is the ideal balance between light weight and power. Weighing only 180g, the 100 includes a super lightweight aluminium spool that has a deep capacity to ensure you have plenty of line should a big fish come along.

The 100 can handle up to 9kg of drag pressure, although most anglers will rarely use over 4kg on this reel. Featuring 9+1 stainless  steel ball bearings for smooth cranking, the 100 has a 7.3:1 retrieve ratio.

Tough, dependable and attractive, the ATC Combat series will fill many roles.

Code Description Bearings Retrieve Weight Line Capacity (deep spool)
014CB100 ATC Combat 100 Right Hand Wind 9 + 1 7.3:1 180g 190m/0.28mm
014CB101 ATC Combat 100 Left Hand Wind 9 + 1 7.3:1 180g 190m/0.28mm
014CBP200 ATC Combat Plus 200 Baitcaster Right Hand Wind 10 + 1 7:1 225g 160m/0.33mm
014CBP201 ATC Combat Plus 200 Baitcaster Left Hand Wind 10 + 1 7:1 225g 160m/0.33mm


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