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Made of a Zinc alloy, the Zerek Twinkle is designed to target freshwater species like trout, salmonids and redfin.

The oscillating movement of the spoon imitates fleeing prey, while the reflective finish mimics the flash of baitfish in the

The spoon has excellent castability and is worked easily with a moderate retrieve with pauses thrown in to allow the lure to flutter down with an injured baitfish appearance.

Choose the right colours for your applications and it can be deadly in the fresh or the salt. The Twinkle is suitable for casting from your boat or shore casting as well.

Code Description Length Weight
781TSPN7_ Zerek Twinkle Sinking 40mm 7g
781TSPN12 Zerek Twinkle Sinking 50mm 12g
781TSPN21 Zerek Twinkle Sinking 57mm 21g
781TSPN28 Zerek Twinkle Sinking 65mm 28g

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