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The Sure Catch Redeye series is an extremely tough series that provides diverse options.

Crafted using high tech engineering of graphite composites, the rods deliver a sensitive feel you'd expect from more expensive rods.

The rod features high quality components which help create strength and performance.

So the next time you're ready for rough and tough fishing, choose a Sure Catch Redeye combo. 

Code Description Length
305CRE1002GP RED EYE 1002GP Rod/RE370 Reel 10'
305CRE602H RED EYE 602H Rod/RE350 Reel 6'
305CRE602M RED EYE 602M Rod/RE340 Reel 6'
305CRE602SP RED EYE 602SP Rod/RE330 Reel 6'
305CRE662B RED EYE 6'6"2p Boat Rod/RE350 Reel 6'6"
305CRE662S RED EYE 6'6"2p Spin Rod/RE330 Reel 6'6"
305CRE702SP RED EYE 702SP Rod/RE340 Reel 7'
305CRE802GP RED EYE 802GP Rod/RE360 Reel 8'
305CRE902GP RED EYE 902GP Rod/RE360 Reel 9'

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